Four ways to develop learner agency in children

Learner agency is the sense of ownership over your own learning. It is crucial to give children a chance to develop learner agency and help them to adopt a growth mindset. Having learner agency can help them become more self-assured, engaged, and productive learners when they feel that their actions have the potential to change the world. With that in mind, here are four ways to develop learner agency in children.   Empower Children to Make Decisions One of the

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Five lesson-planning ideas for engaging learners

Increasing children’s engagement in the learning process has great value not only to their immediate education but also to fostering an ongoing appreciation for developing their knowledge and skills. That is because when learners engage in an activity with more than just a surface-level effort, they will be more inclined to comprehend the lesson and work on mastering the skill or knowledge that the activity encourages. To help you out, here are five lesson-planning ideas for engaging learners. These ideas

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Five ways to encourage children to learn

Although getting children to engage with learning might be challenging, the benefits are well worth the effort. Learners who are motivated are more eager to take part and contribute. And while some children have a natural passion for studying and can self-motivate, others might need a little help to find the motivation to learn or take an active role in activities. It is up to you to make learning fun and help motivate the children to participate actively and learn.

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Fostering creativity and critical thinking with STREAM

Traditional educational models are starting to become less effective at preparing pupils for success in our fast-changing environment. Young learners must possess strong critical and creative thinking abilities, as well as the capacity to make wise decisions, in order to succeed in the modern world. Unfortunately, traditional educational systems do not often highlight this. By encouraging innovation and critical thinking, project-based learning, also known as stream-based education, provides a remedy for this issue.   What is STREAM-based education? Stream-based education

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