Canva Creators – Bootcamp


Sidr Club instructor


1.5 hour

Course Description

Join our certified course of Canva Creators certified by a leading UK design agency – Out of Box Ltd!
Unlock their creativity and enroll in the Sidr Club’s Canva Creators course!

This course will introduce your child to Canva, a user-friendly, web-based
graphic design tool. The course will teach children to go beyond just pulling together random images, through developing an understanding of the relationship between colour, images, and fonts. Students will use the free version of Canva to complete projects, many of which can be printed easily at home or from shops.

What Will Be Taught:

Day 1: The Power of Templates! Discover the ease of Canva’s pre-designed templates, and learn to create your own!
Day 2: Understanding the Toolbar – Learn to navigate Canva’s tools and how to share your creations with friends and family.
Day 3: Social Media Graphics – Dive into the world of social media design as your child crafts eye-catching graphics perfect for platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Day 4: Presentations – Learn to make visually appealing presentations for school projects or reports.
Day 5: Other Creative Ways to Use Canva Discover exciting and unique applications of Canva, such as designing greeting cards, calendars,
posters, and more.

No prior graphic design experience is required to join this course. All your child needs is to bring their laptop. Students will also need to create a free account on before the first class session.
Certificates provided by Out of Box Ltd, UK & Sidr Club on completion of the course.

For age group: Girls 7+ and boys 7 to 12 years old.

📅 Dates: 10th June to 14th June
🕒 Time: 10:30 am to 12 pm.
✅ Fee: 10,000
📍 Location: Sidr Club

Course Features


Monday to Thursday


1.5 hour


10:30 am to 12 pm.





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