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This winter, embark on a spiritual journey like no other as we invite children aged 6-10 to our 10-day Winter Deen Bootcamp. Join us for an enriching experience focused on Quran journaling, Tajweed, Calligraphy, and Spoken Arabic.

🌟 What’s in store for your little ones:

📖 Quran Journaling: Dive into the world of the Quran through journaling. Children will learn to reflect on the verses, create beautiful Quranic art, and connect with the divine message.

📣 Tajweed Mastery: Unlock the secrets of proper Quranic recitation with Tajweed rules. Your child will improve their pronunciation and gain a deeper connection with the Quran.

✒️ Calligraphy: Discover the art of Arabic calligraphy and express Quranic verses in a visually stunning way. Unleash your child’s creativity through the written word.

🗣️ Spoken Arabic: Enhance your child’s communication skills by learning the basics of spoken Arabic. It’s a journey to connect with the language of the Quran.

Where: Our cozy winter bootcamp will take place at Sidr Club.

📅 When: 20th December to 3rd December – Because the best winter stories are created by you!

❗️Limited Spots: We’re keeping our class sizes small to provide a personalized learning experience. Reserve your spot today!

Register today by WhatsApp: 0337 437 2582 Join us in creating a winter filled with spiritual enrichment, creativity, and learning.

Let’s make this winter a season of deep understanding, connection, and growth in the way of Deen.

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