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We are taking STEAM sessions up a notch by introducing iSTEAM, where the ‘I’ stands for inquiry, innovation and individuality. Our iSTEAM Club invites the philosophy of ‘thinking with hands’ and we have a range of interesting topics that encourage children towards hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration. Our iSTEAM curriculum is designed for children to innovate, test out ideas and compare results. Building circuits, shooting rockets, coding through games and creating chemical reactions are some of the exciting activities for the children attending our iSTEAM Club.

“Incorporating the A in STEAM—art—brings in personal expression, empathy, meaning-making and the purpose of what you’re learning.”

iSTEAM promotes organic problem-solving of real and complex problems. This all-inclusive method helps equip today’s students with the skills they need to join tomorrow’s workforce.

“Kids are natural inquirers”, STEAM methods provide them a space where they can dive deeper into what they’re learning in the specific disciplines.

iSTEAM is to inspire inquiry and curiosity; to empower students to ask thought-provoking questions that promote creativity and exploration, and to connect their problem-solving to real-world solutions. With iSTEAM, no subject, or student, is excluded. STEAM Education is an approach to teaching and learning that combines science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math to guide student inquiry, discussion, and problem-solving. Education experts say iSTEAM education is about more than developing practical skills alone. It also helps students develop the capacity to:

  • Take thoughtful risks
  • Engage in meaningful learning activities
  • Become resilient problem solvers
  • Embrace and appreciate collaboration
  • Work through the creative process

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1 Hour


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 1,500 Per Session

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