Hearts United for Palestine

Venue: City Talks, Karachi

Sidr Club Presents a heart-touching event to explain our kids the importance of Al-Aqsa & Palestine and show Solidarity for the Children of Palestine.

About the Event:
Sidr Club brings in an highly informative session on the history, context, current situation and importance of Al-Aqsa and Palestine. Through this sessions the kids will understand the history of the land, its importance for us as muslims and develop a bond and love for their brothers and sisters in Palestine. This event is a unique opportunity to shed light on the rich cultural heritage and the challenges faced by the resilient children of Palestine. Through engaging discussions, enlightening presentations, and interactive activities, we aim to foster awareness, empathy, and support.

πŸ“… Date: 2nd December 2023
πŸ•’ Time: 3-5
πŸ“ Location: City Talks

Special Guest
Umme Mohammad (a Native-Palestinian Activist)
A native-Palestinian joining us for this event to give our children first-hand accounts on how it was growing up in Palestine and the changes overtime.

🎀 Highlights:

– Historical Insight
– Guest Session by a Native-Palestinian on her accounts.
– Contextual Understanding on the conflict
– Things to do to increase awareness on the issue
– Nasheed by kids
– Dua for Palestine
– Story-telling session for kids

🌟 Who Can Attend?
This event is specifically designed for women & children, students, educators, and anyone interested in learning more about the cultural heritage, challenges, and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

* This is a free-of-cost event, but prior registration is mandatory. We will also do a Fundraising activity for humanitarian efforts at the end of the session.
🌐 How to Participate:
Limited Slots
Booking on first come, first serve basis. Please register for the event: https://www.sidrclub.pk/hearts-united-for-palestine/
Email us at hello@sidrclub.pk or call us on: 0337 437 2582
Let’s come together, and stand in solidarity with Palestine. Together, we can make a difference!