Meet The Team

Dr. Nousheen Zakaria, Ph.D.


An award-winning serial entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience, Nousheen earned her PhD. in Strategic Human Resource Management from The University of Leeds (2014) and an MSc. in Management (HRM) from the University of Sheffield (2007).

Years Experience
achievement Awards

She taught at the University of Leeds, U.K, and at IBA, Karachi, after moving from England. She started her company, Out of Box ltd, in the UK in 2009 and co-founded CoSpace, Pakistan, Homework Pakistan, Infographics Designers, U.K.Digital Bee Studio, UAE & Canada. Over the years, Nousheen has launched and accelerated several highly successful start-ups and businesses. Nousheen has co-founded companies nationally and globally and is currently an International Associate Member at the Centre of Employment Relations, Innovation and Change at The University of Leeds. She is involved in Judging and mentoring sessions with National Incubation Center and serves as the CEC member of Bahria University and is invited for various guest speaking sessions and panel discussions in universities nationally and globally.

Syed Omar Ali


Omar is a serial Entrepreneur and founder of companies both locally and globally. Omar studied for an MSc. in Advanced Computer Sciences (The University of Sheffield, U.K) and founded a company in the UK at 22.

Business Startups
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He has not looked back since and has crafted innovative ideas, such as Out of Box Ltd, U.K., CoSpace, Shadi Tayari, The Digital Bee Studio, Out of Box Ltd, and Homework, Pakistan. Omar previously worked for the NHS developing Telehealth software and has worked extensively with PCTs in the UK.

Our Team

Moniba Ashraf Karim

Chief Operating Office

Moniba has a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Advertisement from the Institute of Business Management, Karachi. Her work experience spans diverse employment roles, but Moniba’s primary fields of interest lie in Child Psychology and Occupational Therapy. Moniba regularly attends workshops and training sessions to continue to improve as an educator. Most recently, this has led her into the teaching industry, including teaching at a school for Special Educational Needs students.

Sana Ganglani

Head of Core-Curriculum and Training

Sana Ganglani has a Master’s degree in Education from Murdoch University, Australia, specialising in International Education and Curriculum Development. She is an I.B. certified teacher from International Baccalaureate Organization. She is working at a leading school in the U.A.E and has over ten years of teaching experience in the U.A.E. Over the years, she has worked on developing and working with various curricula, including the National Curriculum of the U.K. and the International Baccalaureate.

Mehwish Sultana

Head of Arabic Languages

Mehwish has spent all her life in Medina, Saudia Arabic and has recently moved to Pakistan. Mehwish has a Diploma in teaching The Holy Quran with Tajweed. She is a certified Arabic language teacher from Al-Dia Institute Al-Hanakia, Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mehwish has over 12 years of experience teaching Arabic, Quranic studies, and Hifz and has worked at Iqraa & Al-Dia Institute in Al-Madinah Al-Munarah, Saudia Arabia.

Ayesha Zaka

Lead instructor for Deen & Genetics

Ayesha has completed her MPhil in Molecular Genetics from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, and has submitted her doctoral thesis for a PhD in Biotechnology from International Islamic University, Islamabad. Ayesha has completed extensive courses in Tafseer and Arabic. Her past work includes being the Content Lead at Global Advertising, LiveDeen and As-Siraat Trust. Ayesha also worked as a Deen Educator at Edopia Online and as an Islamic Reminders Pakistan Institute instructor. Ayesha is currently heading the Publications Department at Youth Club. She is a home-schooling mother of a 6-year-old son, a student of knowledge and an avid reader.

Dr. Musabbir Abdul Majeed

Advisor for Science & Engineering

Dr. Musabbir Majeed has a PhD in engineering from the University of Cambridge. He graduated with a first-class degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2010. Since completing his undergraduate, he has worked for several companies including AgustaWestland, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Bloomberg L.P. Currently, he is working as a research consultant for Autodesk working on generative design and optimisation in manufacturing and AEC industries. He is also a visiting assistant professor in Habib University, U.K.

Sana Faheem

Wellness Champion

Sana Faheem is a CBT practitioner with a master’s in psychology and doing MPhil in Psychology. She has over 10 years of experience working with various NGOs and vulnerable groups in mental health, well-being, education, and employment. She works with different age groups, encouraging positive self-expression, reducing stigma around mental health, improving access to mental health services, and promoting positive mental well-being for all. Sana also uses art as a medium to cultivate a safe space for free expression, personal exploration, self-help and recovery.

Our Journey

It all started when we started exploring schools for our son. We explored multiple schools and were left disappointed.


None of the schools offered an educational experience such as the one we had in mind. We were looking for a place that taught our children real-life skills, problem-solving, creative thinking, and an experience-based education while encouraging spiritual growth and a better understanding of Deen and Islam. We wanted to find a place to help our children have moral values and ethics, with a deeper connection to Islam and with critical and independent thinking skills that encouraged a self-learning approach.


When we couldn’t find a school that even closely offered such an experience, we became homeschoolers, which came with new challenges. We felt that even homeschooling alone wasn’t the answer. My interactions with other homeschooling mothers and children led me to explore new dimensions and capture a gap that was missing in society. As entrepreneurs and with my experience teaching in higher education, we started building an idea for a space that allowed more flexibility and a choice-based approach for kids. We are hoping that it paves the way for a futuristic model of education – allowing choice and freedom to children to choose what they want to study at their own pace.


We hope to create a safe space for children to dive into their passion, develop a deeper connection with Islam, explore their curiosity, grow into confident individuals, and follow their hearts.

Dr. Nousheen Zakaria

Syed Omar Ali

Parents of two & Co-Founders of Sidr Club