We Love Ramadan

Sidr Club, Karachi

Alhamdollilah, after a very successful “We Love Ramadan Camp” last year during Ramadan, Sidr Club, presents “We Love Ramadan” workshop designed for kids.

This Ramadan, immerse your little ones in the beauty and blessings of the holy month with Sidr Club’s special 1.5-hour “We Love Ramadan Workshop.” Designed to enlighten and engage, our workshop promises an enriching experience that combines faith, fun, and creativity.

Here’s what we have planned:

• Understanding Ramadan: An interactive session on the significance of Ramadan in Islam, why we fast, and the special virtues of this month. A perfect way for kids to grasp the importance of Ramadan and how it strengthens our faith and community.

• Ramadan Storytelling: Dwell into two amazing, hand-picked Ramadan books:
1) “Rami the Ramadan Cat”, and understand the spirit of Ramadan through, generosity, kindness and friendship.
2) “Who Will Help Me Make Iftar?” A beautiful Islamic story for kids about selflessness and generosity in Ramadan!

• How Kids Can Help: Discover fun and meaningful ways children can assist adults during Ramadan, from helping prepare iftar meals to small acts of kindness, emphasizing the spirit of giving and sharing.

• Making the Most of Ramadan: Tips and ideas for kids on maximizing this blessed month through prayer, reflection, and good deeds, highlighting why Ramadan is a time for personal growth and spiritual renewal.

• Art and Craft: Let creativity flow with Ramadan-themed art and craft activities. Children will have the chance to create beautiful lanterns, moon and star decorations, or their own Ramadan calendars, fostering a love for the artistic traditions of the month.

• Ramadan special Nasheeds
• Special Giveaway: Every participant will receive a special Ramadan-themed giveaway, a memento of the day’s learning and fun, to inspire them throughout the month.

• 📅 Date: 2nd March 2024
• 🕒 Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
• 📍 Location: Sidr Club
• ⏳ Duration: 1.5 hours

Space is limited, ensuring a cozy and interactive setting for all our participants. Sign up now to secure your child’s spot in our “We Love Ramadan Workshop” and lets celebrate the wonders and joys of Ramadan together.

Let this Ramadan be a journey of discovery, joy, and spiritual growth for your children. See you at Sidr Club for a workshop filled with heart, art, and the spirit of Ramadan!

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