A visionary school

Sidr School puts their students in a futuristic, visionary, flexible and choice-based learning environment. At Sidr we support a holistic, inclusive environment and help children develop a growth-mindset to help them flourish, learn and be happy in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Curriculum

Our focus is to make life-long learners and develop a self-learning ability in children, while meeting the unique needs of each child. It is a framework that goes beyond the UK National Curriculum, IB and Islamic Curriculum to ensure that children make an impact and contribute to the world and be prepared for challenges ahead.

Our Hifz programme is integrated into the curriculum and is individualized for each child to the goals that they can achieve. Our goals for hifz goes beyond the memorisation of the Quran and is deep-rooted into the understanding, meaning, reflection and implementation.

Our Vision

We are committed to designing a curriculum that equips children with the necessary skills for the constantly evolving future. Our approach emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning, extra-curricular activities, and tailored educational experiences to meet each child’s unique needs and passions.

Our Mission

At Sidr Club, we aim to provide an alternative approach to traditional schooling systems, constantly preparing our young learners for the future. We believe that mental well-being and confidence are crucial for future success, alongside resilience, inclusivity, creativity and critical thinking, which traditional schools often overlook.

Stream-based Modules

Our stream-based modules offer children a choice-based, student-centric, inquiry-based approach to learning. This approach gives them the freedom to explore their interests, expand their knowledge, and develop their own paths to achieving their full potential.


To design our streams and create experiences for young learners that cultivate essential skills, we collaborate with international teaching and curricula experts from the U.K, U.A.E, Canada, and Finland. This allows us to create a safe and nurturing environment where young learners can engage in hands-on experiential activities that help them acquire the skill sets they need to become future visionaries and leaders.

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Sidr Club’s Programme