Seerah Exhibition

24th & 25th June 2023, 04:00 pm – 07:00 pm

Venue: Sidr Club, Karachi

Fasso Expressions & Sidr Club


The Seerah Exhibition

“Revival of the Sunnah”

Join us for an awe-inspiring Seerah Exhibition, where history comes alive, and the legacy of Allah’s Messenger (SAWW) is revived.

Presenting Prophet Muhammad SAWW’s journey from the time of ignore to Prophethood.

The exhibition covers

– Seerah of Allah’s Messager (SAWW)

– Lineage of Allah’s Nabi

– Kaaba Incident

– History before and after of Prophet Muhammad SAWW

– The Cave of Hira

– Israa-al-mairaj

– Hijrat

– Tibb-e-Nabwi

– Models of Gazwas

– Conquests

– His dressing, lifestyle, drinks, food

– Memoirs

and lots more.

For Families Only